This Date in Sidekicks History

August 20

Always Remember the First Time

2000: The Sidekicks played a match at Astro Arena for the first time.This was also the first WISL regular season game for the Sidekicks that was decided by a Shootout.



1993: Joe Papeleo was injured when he and Arizona's Wes Wade collided with 11 minutes left in the game.


Looking Forward to Next Season

1991: Gordon Jago announced that 7 players already had contracts, or had offers made to them for the 91-92 season. Two free-agents were not identified, although their names were not released at the time. Those free agents were David Doyle and Jan Goosens, previously of Kansas City. Eloy Salgado, among six others from the 90-91 campaign, would not be offered contracts.

Player Signing


Honor Roll


Players Suspended


Contract Negotiations


Regular Season Games


1970: Marco Lopez

1974: Herman Hudson (Sidekicks Director of Public Relations and Broadcasting, 2001-2004)


Not Without My Family

1986: Krys Sobieski re-signed with the Sidekicks during this off season rather than retire and return to Poland. As was the family's custom, his wife and children took a vacation to Poland over the summer. When they attempted to return on this date, they were refused permission to leave by the then-communist government of Poland. The Polish government claimed that "loan fees" were not paid by the Cleveland Force, who had signed Sobieski originally. As the situation developed, it seemed that the Polish government wanted to force Sobie's return to Poland, something that did not happen.