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This section is a day-by-day accounting of the life of the Sidekicks franchise. There is one page for each of the 366 possible dates (including February 29 during leap years) on the calendar.


Event Catagories

All events by catagory, and are organized in chronological order by year. The catagories below are listed in how they appear on each of the Calendar pages:




Prominent national holidays that appear on the same day regardless of year.


Any player or staff member birthday

Honor Roll

Awards presented to a player or team on this date

Player Signed

When a player joined the Sidekicks Roster

Player Released

When a player left the Sidekicks Roster


When one player was exchanged for another

Record Book

An event that broke an exisiting individual, team, or league record.

Always Remember the First Time

The first time the team or a player did something

Things That Are Best Left Forgotten

Unflattering events in team history.


Details of a player injury.


Quotations from the broadcast or print media.

<other events as needed>

other events that fit no standard catagory


Game Scores

At the bottom of each page will be the scores of any match played on that date in this order:



Championship Games

League Championship game results

Playoff Game

Playoff Game results

Regular Season Games

Matches on the league schedule during a season.

Exhibition Games

Games not considered part of the Regular Season


How to Read the Game Score Line

Any game score will be listed by year, playoff series (if appropriate), then result (with the winning team listed first). The home team for the match will be noted with an "at" before thier name.


Special Notation about the Multi-Point Scoring System Used in 2002-03

Game scores will be listed the same format as all other matches with one exception: The goal count for each team will be listed in parenthesis after the each team's score. For example:


What Do the Hyperlinks Point To?


Points To

Personal Name

A page dedicated to that player or staff member

Opposing Team or League

That team or league's page in the Opponent's Section


The specific page about that date in this section.

Year in the Game Score Line

Points to an available box score for the game listed.