This Date in Sidekicks History

August 14


1986: Two changes of venue were announced on this date:

1. Inwood Soccer Center, which opened in September of 1986, became the practice facility. The change was made because Inwood, formerly a tennis center, had a locker room while the Richard Soccer Center (now Soccer Spectrum) did not.

2. The Sidekicks moved their offices from Reunion Arena to "Expressway Towers" (6116 N. Central Expressway). The 'Kicks returned to Reunion Arena when Don Carter reacquired the club in 1991.

The Arena Soccer era Sidekicks have their offices in Plano.

Record Book


Always Remember the First Time


Regular Season Games

Honor Roll

1994: Tatu named CISL Player of the Week for the week ending this date.


The Last Time it Happened

1993: The Sidekicks visited the Great Western Forum (home of the Los Angeles Lazers and later the Los Angeles United for the last time.

Wait? Shouldn't that be an Exhibition Game?

1999: Because the WISL had all member clubs play "Mexico" and that it counted in the standings, it was considered a "regular season" game despite its true nature as an exhibition.