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October 13

He Said It

2002: The Sidekicks are taking it in the end tonight.

----Dev Reeves, Sidekicks color commentator, setting the scene for the 'Kicks defending a free kick inside thier own yellow line during the 4th quarter of the match with the new-Baltimore Blast

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Mean Fetes

2000: Giampaulo Pedroso recorded the game winning goal as part of his second Hat Trick of the season in the Sidekicks overtime victory over the Arizona Thunder.

Always Remember the First Time (and to keep a spare uniform with you)

2001: Sergio Franklin made his first appearance as a Sidekicks' goalkeeper. When Sagu was injured late in the game the previous evening, Franklin had to be flown in to Sacramento for his match. His uniform and equipment were locked up at the Sidekicks practice facility, and with his flight at 6 AM the next morning, Franklin wore Sagu's uniform for the match.