This Date in Sidekicks History

July 25

League Meetings

1988:Major Indoor Soccer League owners met via a conference and committed to playing a 48 game schedule among the 7 remaining teams. The meeting was required after the Cleveland Force disbanded on July 22. 5 of the 7 remaining clubs were ready to commit to the schedule the previous Friday (July 22), but Wichita and San Diego took the weekend to review their budgets before making the final commitment.



Exhibition Games

League Meetings

1990:M(I)SL owners approved three major rule changes to take effect begining with the 1990-91 season.

1. The goals were expanded by one foot in each direction (height and both directions wide) The new goals would be 7 feet 6 inches high by 14 feet wide.

2. Defenders would be pushed back to 15 feet on all free kicks.

3. Shin gaurds would be required to be worn by all players.